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I am now part of the Positive Living Hub in Te Awamutu!

It is awesome to be part of an holistic team providing you with natural therapies for greater health and happiness.

Please call 0272 277 595 if you wish to make an appointment. I am available after 5pm on Wednesdays if required.

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What is Homeopathy?

Homoeopathy is experiencing a great resurge throughout the world. It is a brilliant therapy as it is able to be used as a support on its own or integrated with other natural and pharmaceutical medicines. Most people seek a consultation to support for a particular condition, which can be anything ie grief, menopause, migraines, night terrors, haemorrhoids, exam stress, addictions, hormonal irregularities, pregnancy, post-surgery.

Consultations start with an initial hour-long interview. This involves a lot of information gathering, so you will need to share many aspects about yourself including your lifestyle, personality and medical history.

A homoeopathic remedy will then be prescribed that best matches you and your current symptoms. Following consultations are recommended depending on the severity of your complaint—anytime from two-six weeks after your initial consultation.

Please give me a ring if you wish to see if homeopathy is suitable for you, or click on the links to the right for a simple explanation on how homoeopathy works…..